Our Principles & Guidelines

Clients and candidates are looking for compentent and reliable consultants. They want to work with consultants where they can be confident that their problems are handled as best as possible. PMCI is fully dedicated to this expectation.

Our market position and our size as an executive search firm are less important to us than professionalism and client satisfaction. The fundamentals to achieve these goals are industry expertise, factual compentence, profound judgement and efficient project management. PMCI supports consultants and research by continuous training activities.

Our Consulting Principles

  1. We render our services to decision makers with entrepreneurial responsibility respectively members of supervisory boards in executive search and furthermore selected areas of HR management.
  2. We guarantee professional project management. Based on an analysis of objectives and framework, we select the appropriate method for the individual problem solution. We work in close cooperation with our clients and aim at long-term partnerships. Our positive track record of successfully completed projects support this objective.
  3. We respect the confidence of clients and candidates and safeguard their interests equally.
  4. We accept only those engagements whose successful execution seems realistic. We commit ourselves to render our services until the appropriate candidate is found.
  5. We work on the basis of transparent service and fee agreements which are agreed upon in writing with our client prior to the beginning of a project.
  6. We are a member of the BDU (Federal Association of German Consulting Companies) and follow their high professional principles.