Sectoral Competences

Understanding and accompanying current and future challenges within particular markets is what we demand of ourselves and the consulting services for our clients. The basis for this is the deep knowledge of market participants, technologies and processes of our consultants. 

As PMCI, we cannot relieve you of your basic markets challenges and dilemmas, but we can work with you to ensure that you have the right people on board at the important points to deal with the situation in the best possible way and perhaps even gain an advantage in the end. 

This applies not only to managers, but explicitly also to administrative and technical staff through our "Smart Recruiting" division. In addition, through our "Diagnostics & Consulting" service, we can ensure that those you already have on board not only (gladly) stay with you, but also develop in the right direction. If you need an interim solution for a limited period of time, e. g. because important tasks or projects cannot wait until you have been able to permanently fill a position with the right person, our interim management offer is available to you for this purpose. 

As a company, we work across all industries, our specialization is achieved by building competence at the consultant level. Therefore, our clients can call upon individual support in the following sectors: