The growing world population and the ongoing economic result in a continuously growing energy demand.

This demand is globally met through traditional fossil energy by 80% (2015) and its sources oil, gas and coal. Bio fuel and waste energy account for 10%, atomic power for 5% and renewable energy for less than 5% on a global basis. Each source of energy has its own pros and cons and individual economies and political groups are fighting for the "right" way of further energy strategies.

These often controversial developments require managers and specialists in this segment who know their business well and are able to cope with these challenges. We support our clients in the recruitment for these talents on a national and international base.



  • Energy providers
  • Power plants
  • Renewable energy (i.e. wind energy, biomass energy, solar energy)
  • Power distribution companies
  • Municipal suppliers
  • Plant facility management


  • General management
  • Plant management
  • Operations management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Production and technology
  • Development and construction
  • Purchase and logistics
  • Finance and accounting
  • After sales / customer service / service
  • Organization and IT
  • Human Resources

Arne tom Wörden