With almost 833,000 companies and around 3.3 million employees, the real estate industry is not only one of the largest economic sectors in Germany, but also one of the most dynamic growth areas with an increase in employment and value added.

The industry unites over 25% of all companies and almost 10% of all employees. With more than 600 billion euros, the real estate industry contributed 19% of the total gross value added in Germany in 2019.

Whether in project management, planning or development, in real estate marketing, administration or financing, our goal is to find the right candidates for a position.

  • Construction Companies / Prime Contractors
  • Project Developers
  • Real Estate Banks, Investment Companies, Asset Managers, Investors
  • Facility and Property Management  
  • Shopping Center Operators
  • Specialist Real Estate Operators
  • Building Construction, Civil Engineering, Road Construction
  • Residential and Commercial Construction
  • Civil Engineering


Contact person: Arne tom Wörden