With over 300,000 companies, 3 million employees and a turnover of almost 500 billion €, the retail trade is one of the most important sectors of the German economy.

Looking at Europe the numbers are even more impressing. Without ongoing adaptation to the needs of consumers and a focus on organizational and structural development within the industry, no retail company can survive in the long term. In this respect, the guiding principle "Retail is change" applies. 

Having the right employees on board at the right time will also be the great challenge of the future in retail. New topics such as e-commerce and digitalization must be addressed. The recruitment of skilled and experienced personnel will be a decisive factor for the successful development of retail companies. 

Due to the many years of experience of our consultants in the retail and wholesale sectors, we can rely on an established network. 

The consumer goods industry is closely interwoven with the retail sector, consumers are taking advantage of new ways of doing business and can use an ever-increasing range of distribution channels. New challenges in global competition must be mastered by management. We provide sustainable support with our know-how.