Demographic developments, legal frameworks at national and supranational level, and the demand for public administration to be citizen-oriented and service-oriented are the driving forces behind the processes of change in the public sector.

Business management aspects play an increasingly important role in the daily work of cities, districts, states and the federal government, and this is being exacerbated by the current budget situation. As a result, the public sector is transforming from a traditional administrative authority to a complex "municipality" service provider.

In this transformation, the question of which services should be provided by public sector companies and how these services should be sensibly structured is gaining in importance. Depending on the concrete task, it can be economical to use public law, private law or mixed forms of organizational design. In addition to the public-law owned enterprises and participations, public-private partnerships (PPP) are frequently among the organizational forms of a budget- and service-optimized orientation in the public sector.

We successfully support our demanding clients in filling key positions in the public sector. Be it hospitals, utilities, public utilities, transport companies, real estate, infrastructure projects, public transport, swimming pool operators or airports. In close cooperation with the decision-makers, we accompany personnel change and development processes. This includes not only the search for executives and specialists but also the appointment of members to supervisory boards, advisory boards and committees.