Outplacement has gained increased importance in recent years due to ongoing restructuring processes in companies and organizations. These changes often result in employee layoffs. Professional outplacement contibutes to achieving a fair separation from employees.

We co-operate with one of the leading outplacement companies in the German-speaking markets. Employees leaving an organization will be supported by external consultants to arrange termination of employment on friendly terms. Costs for outplacement will be borne by the employer. Typically, this process consists of three phases:


1. Company-specific preparation:

  • Discussing the separation with the individual and evaluating existing job opportunities.


2. Implementation of the separation process:

  • Assisting the individual to be outplaced by establishing a process of consultation with an external outplacement consultant.


3. Carrying out the individual outplacement consulting process.

This phase contains aspects such as: 

  • helping the individual to develop a positive attitude towards a change
  • analysing the individual´s strengths and weaknesses
  • evaluation of qualifications
  • definition of personal professional goals
  • development of an application strategies
  • supporting the individual in searching for job opportunities
  • preparing an individual for interviews and negotiations
  • evaluating of job offers
  • assistance in concluding employment offers