Individual Coaching & Personality Development

Coaching processes usually serve to prepare or accompany sudden changes or upheavals. They aim to achieve mental clarity, emotional security and finally a change in the coachee's behaviour. The coach should be able to understand the initial situation in a short time and understand the perspective of the coachee in order to support the search for solutions. 

Experienced consultants are used as coaches, usually experienced managers themselves or specialists in personnel development and aptitude diagnostics. Often with the help of suitable personality tests and a job clarification interview, they explore patterns, norms and beliefs or even conditions in the organization that require change.

World view, values and methods: These should be transparent for the coachee and give him or her the choice of how far he or she wants to get involved.

All data that is known or collected about the person is made transparent. Methodologically, the coaches have access to a broad repertoire and are not bound to any particular school or method. The basic attitude of positive psychology - people are motivated and willing to perform well - accompanies the work at all times. Preferred means are feedback on experienced situations and joint reflection.