Due to the change processes in the economy, outplacement has gained in importance. It offers the departing employee a fair, balanced and above all constructive separation from the current employer, with the assistance of an external consultant. The employer benefits from the socially acceptable separation and minimizes negative side effects.

The separation process is typically divided into three phases:

1. Company specific preparation
Discussion of the separation / evaluation of the chances of the employee concerned / decision for a separation and outplacement consulting

2. Execution of the separation process
Clarification of the necessary labor law issues / offer of outplacement to the employee / initial interview between employee and consultant

3. Individual outplacement consulting by specialized consultants
Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate / building a positive basic attitude towards a professional change / ongoing coaching of the candidate; Assessment of qualifications / definition of professional objectives / development of an application strategy / preparation of application documents / support in the active search on the market; preparation for interviews and discussions / evaluation of job offers / assistance in concluding an employment contract.