Team Development

The questions that lead to a team development range from "We want to get to know each other better" to "The cooperation should go even better" to "We have (for a long time) a big conflict in the team". Sometimes neighboring teams or entire organizational units are also affected. Or it is simply a matter of maintaining a positive team climate.

We always think about the situation first, try to understand the reason and background before we make concrete suggestions. These often range from working on concrete situations close to the workplace, to playful work on cooperation topics, to conflict resolution in small groups or individual support for special protagonists.

Special conflict situations require processes of mediation, strategies of de-escalation and in extreme cases the support of external experts (addiction treatment, prevention of violence etc.). 

With the support of experienced mediators, who have studied psychology, attended relevant further training courses and have experience in a wide range of fields and industries, these special situations can be resolved.