Interim Management

We noticed that permanent and temporary employment relationships are growing together. Therefore, we offer Interim Management as a supplementary service for our clients.

When managers carry out management tasks in companies or organizations on the base of a temporary assignment this is called "Interim Management". Usually, this results in a short-term assignment of several weeks or months. Temporary assignments are often caused by the absence of the permanent job-holder. Depending on competences necessary, interim managers bring in functional expertise like accounting & finance, IT, production, marketing, HR etc. and/or sectoral expertise in automotive, pharmaceuticals, aviation, energy etc. Utilizing an interim manager ensures an in-time solution to bridge bottlenecks in operational management. Our services have been honored several times by leading German economic magazines.



For further information please contact:

Joachim Staude, Managing Director, PMC Interim Management GmbH, +49 6074 921 907-0

Ulla Hohmann, Senior Manager, PMC Interim Management GmbH, +49 6074 921 907-0

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Typical Project Run

In collaboration with the client, our consultants elaborate a position profile defining the specification of tasks, areas of responsibility, targets, authorities, reporting and contractual timeframes. Based on the requirements laid down in the position profile, we present potential interim managers from our candidate portfolio to the client. After the selection of the appropriate individual the interim manager renders his services to the client on behalf of PMCI. Typical interim management assignments last for 3 to 6 months. Fees are clearly defined by contract and are specified by a daily rate, the timeframe and accrued expenses.

Application Areas

  • Establishment of new business activities
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Support of change management activities
  • Reorganization and restructuring
  • Integration of new business units into an organization
  • Bridging management vacancies
  • Project management


Functional Areas

  • General Management
  • Finance / Accounting / Controlling
  • EDP and IT
  • HR / Organization
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Production / Technical management
  • Logistics / Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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