Smart Recruiting

Approximately 95% of all positions are difficult to fill using executive search methods. For this reason, traditional search firms usually refrain from jobs such as service technicians, electronics technicians, customer service employees, mechatronics engineers, IT developers, office managers, sales office staff, etc. But we at PMC SMART RECRUITING think beyond old boundaries and offer you a solution for this challenge.

Companies searching for candidates or applicants for positions as described above often have little or even no success. One challenge is that matching individuals are simply not present on the usual business platforms such as LinkedIn or XING. Classical methods such as ads on job portals do not have the desired effect as well, and campaigns in the social media field require special knowledge that is not available in many companies.

This is exactly where PMC SMART RECRUITING comes into play: Through our partner, FindEm GmbH, we use an online platform that combines the creation of a campaign on Facebook and Instagram, the precise selection of target group(s) and the creation of ads in a consistent user interface. In addition there are some very special unique selling points of the FindEm platform:

  • the chatbot, which motivates social media users to become interested parties and then applicants completely automatically and above all without any media breaks
  • the pre-qualification of applicants depending on the user’s answers in the chat
  • the excellent transparency, control and manageability of the results, even while the campaign is still running
  • the evaluation of the results of a campaign is not based on the usual online campaign metrics such as reach or click rate, but primarily on the quality and fit of the candidates

There are three different options for our clients to fill the positions described above by using the FindEm platform:

  • Level 1: Clients who want to use the FindEm platform themselves, e.g. because they have appropriate social media-affine personnel and resources available in their recruiting team: In this case PMC SMART RECRUITING will be happy to establish contact with FindEm, but does not provide any services itself during a campaign; our client's recruiting staff use the FindEm platform completely independently
  • Level 2: Customers who cannot or do not want to operate level 1 with their own resources: PMC SMART RECRUITING as a special team with experienced staff sets up the campaign in FindEm, manages and controls it, completes data if necessary and forwards promising candidates to the client. The client then takes over further steps such as interviews and the remaining recruitment process.
  • Level 3: PMC Smart Recruiting takes on additional work that requires experience and resources, such as creation of a position profile, video interviews, creation of confidential candidate reports including description of the motivation for change, personal introduction of the candidates by the PMCI project manager to the client

Whichever variant you decide on: Unleash your recruiting and contact us. You will receive an online demo at short notice, while we discuss which "level" is right for you.