New: PMC Digital Recruiting

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With the beginning of 2020 PMC International AG has extended its services in recruiting with the creation of "PMC Digital Recruiting“. PMC Digital Recruiting utilizes an online-based search algorithm specialized identifying job seekers in the lower categories of the job market like hard-to-find technical or administrative specialists. This new service offering represents an enlargement of our recruiting portfolio, Executive Search and Interim Management remain core services of PMCI.

PMC Digital Recruiting focuses on candidates to be identified through facebook targeting. Initially, individuals will be approached by a tailored advertising campaign on facebook. Then, these individuals will receive key information about a vacant job through a chatbot conversation. If interested these individuals may turn into real candidates. The possibility identifying valid candidates go far beyond the ordinary way of recruitment and allow successful placements in narrow job markets. With this new tool PMCI-clients can also be served efficiently in market segments below the management level and thus create additional value in client recruitment processes.